"Why is she always so happy?"

Asked Kevin Bae, my classmate.

“Give it a shot” is my all-time attitude. I’ve been to 3 different colleges and been a freshman for 3 times. I’m now settled down in NYC.

I never give up and always want to keep my partners supported.


 School of Visual Arts

Graphic Design / Interaction / Advertising BFA 2020 (2016.09 – 2020.05)
Cumulative GPA 3.92

 State University of Stony Brook

Studio Arts BFA (2015.09 – 2016.05)

 Zhejiang University of Technology

B. Industrial Design (2014.09 – 2015.05)


 Design Intern at CertiK, NY

Designed marketing deliverables such as Twitter posts, WeChat banners;
Designed monthly newsletter which gained the highest CTR;
Conducted a typeface research for the brand; Designed visual elements for products;
Create content with the marketing team; Conducted making social media growth strategy. (2020.07 – now)

Summer Design Intern at Interbrand Health, NY 

Worked on brands’ visual identity such as designing logo, manifesto;
Worked closely with strategy team to helped brands to differentiate themselves from competitors in the same category. (2019.06 – 2019.08)

Set up annual plans with the team; Connect with other school CSSA. Ensure plans on track; Review articles published on CSO social accounts; Negotiate with departments within the school. (2018.11 – 2020.05)

 Summer Intern at Bien Creative Co., Ltd 

Designed logos, websites, posters, and flyers for brands, detail pages for products; Participated in branding and event arrangement; Worked with copywriters and other designers in a team closely. (2018.05 – 2018.07)

 Orientation Leader and Student Ambassador

at School of Visual Arts. Help new students to adapt to new college life; Set up activities and events in orientation week; Be a student leader and organize students to participate in SVA community. (2017.08 – 2020.05)

 Summer Intern at New Choice Education Consulting  Co.,Ltd

Designed brochures and posters, collected updated information about college admissions, gave advice to art students who are interested in studying aboard. (2017.07 – 2017.08)