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A design studio simulator game to help senior design students to adapt to the real work-life after graduation.

The Problem

The original brief was to design for NYC. We lived in NYC and found there are differences between working at school and the real professional work setting. Which we call "knowledge gap".

Knowledge Gap:
name files correctly,
client meeting,
make changes according
to what the client say,
talk to co-workers,
. . .

The Solution

We made it a game. It would be a balanced way to entertain and educate the students, while reading articles and forums are not as relatable.

Who offered the Educational Information

Some recent grads who had faced the same problems and have the latest information.

Scenarios + Picked Input = Game

First, a context for you to get the setting.

Next, you may select a scenario or start from the beginning.

You just follow the instructions or skip the scenario if you want.

You'll get a result of the scenario and advice from the recent grads.

At the end, you can review your performance. You may play again if you like.

More than Delivering Educational Information

You may reach out to the recent grads for more advice through social handles or their personal websites as we give credits to them at the end of the game on the right hand side.

Marketing Approach

Instagram Story: What DesignNoob is

Subway Posters: Use bad design to attract design people's attention

View on Prototype

Noreen Joa, Mitchell Chengcheng Hou, Claire Yuan Zhuang

We collaborated closely on everything, but I was more responsible for UX, visual elements, copywriting, organizing presentation deck.